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Graphic Art in Steel


Newest Work

Ripples of Creation

 Ripples of Creation

24 x 48" Available in powder coated steel or Centrex

Like all of the "Beginning of Creating" Series, this one was originally meant as a focal point, an area divider of as a screen for an outside space.  Yet as an interior piece, it can fulfill some of those same functions.  In the Steel versions, the piece is usually glazed with a translucent material that plays with the light but screen unwanted detail. The interior version is glazed in plexiglass in much the same way.  The steel version is one of kind and run about $900.00.  The Centrex version will be a limit edition and run about $325. 

2nd Newest Design

Struggle between Good and Evil

 A question in Graphic Form

Resent events have brought up a good question.  Is there good and evil?   Most of us would say yes.  But, I wonder, what belong to each category.  For some express goods there are many evils.

The piece tries to get at the nature of that particular struggle.  Being 24 x 48" it will be cut in Centrex and sleeved, I also has a back-lit option.   Prices about $325. 00.


Questions or comments

Please talk to me.  Art is a form of communication. I would know if I am communicating.

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Important note--All steel pieces are one of a kind.  Centrex pieces are limited editions of no more than five.

My Goal

My original goal was to produce unique art that could be used in a landscape. These works are one of a kind but often grouped in series. Shaped of steel, wood and glazing, these pieces are doorways for our imaginations and suggest a reality few rarely see.

Lately I have been exploring new and exciting materials and concepts. My material of choice is call Centrex, which is lighter and easier to make. Once again these works suggest looking deeply into the things we see and experience every day.

So if you are looking for original artwork for your landscape or home or if you want a passage to an expanded universe, please explore with me.

Original Art for the discerning landscape   Creative works in steel, wood,& glazing   Unique images and compositions in steel, wood an mixed media