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Evolution of a new Series 

Second of a new Series

This is the second of the "Flowers from Janet's garden" series. Unlike the first of this series, this particular piece is more three dimensional and has no outer frame.  It also has, by choice a more industrial look. As a planner I always thought that such are should tell a little about it self as well as the theme.  This Piece was plan to do exactly that. 

First of a new Series

This is the first of a new Series called "Flowers from Janet's garden.  Janet's Garden was a gate from the field of flowers series. Starting with the drops from the original gate, I began to create pieces based on each flower. It was at that point the original flowers took on a life of their own.  No longer needing each other the tell their own story.   There will probably be 12-15 different pieces in this series and prices are ranging form $300-$400.  In these pieces, different colors and weights of steel are set at differently elevation to create a three dimensional representation.  These are meant to be hung outdoors.

My Goal

My original goal was to produce unique art that could be used in a landscape. These works can be either one of a kind or grouped in series. Shaped of steel, wood and glazing, these pieces are doorways for our imaginations and suggest a reality few rarely see.

Lately I have been exploring new and exciting materials and concepts. Once again these works of art suggest looking deeply into the things we see and experience every day.

So if you are looking for original artwork for your landscape or home or if you want a passage to an expanded universe, please explore with me. 

Original Art for the discerning landscape   Creative works in steel, wood,& glazing   Unique images and compositions in steel, wood an mixed media